action I’ve talked about the action genre before, discussed 2019 action lakorns here and here. This time, I’m looking at a wide swath of lakorns from the early 2000’s to […]

Music Monday

Action lakorns have never been of interest to me. There are some genres Thailand lakorns excel at, like romance and revenge lakorns, and others which have lots of need for […]

Fairy tale genre

I wasn’t sure what to call this post, as I’m including a little bit of everything here, from fairy tale lakorns to remakes and so on. So if you want […]

Music Monday

Some stories are retold over and over again, passed down from generation and generation. Many fairy tales, folk tales, fables, so many repeated and told over and over again. This […]

Subbing Now

I’m so busy right now that I haven’t been watching much of anything, but hopefully I’ll find time in March to start watching a few series. I have been keeping […]