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Music Monday

Mia Taeng review

Mia Taeng (2011) features a lovely, strong yet soft-spoken heroine, or nang-ek, a handsome, but emotionally iq challenged leading man (pra -ek), the typical hysterical lakorn witch of an ex girlfriend, […]

What’s Next?

Prom Pissawat (2020) is a Channel 7 drama that features a strong nang’ek who’s a singer and a more stereotypical pra’ek who thinks badly of all women. 🙄 I’m okay with […]

What’s Next?

This is one of those lakorns I’m personally looking forwards to.😁 Payakorn Sorn Ruk (2020) stars James Jirayu as a celebrity and Ice Preechaya as a fortune teller. The nang’ek makes […]