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Jazmin AK


Since a lot of people are indoors due to coronavirus, I thought it would be nice to go over once again, where to watch lakorns, instead of my usual Monday […]

Music Monday

Massaya (2017) is on my list of want to watch lakorns as I’ve heard many good things about the story and characters. It seems like one of those sweet, coming of […]

Mia Taeng review

Mia Taeng (2011) features a lovely, strong yet soft-spoken heroine, or nang-ek, a handsome, but emotionally iq challenged leading man (pra -ek), the typical hysterical lakorn witch of an ex girlfriend, […]

Music Monday

Twins. Another not very favorite trope of mine, overdone and usually done badly. But when it works like in Lom Sorn Ruk? 😍. There are a few dramas and lakorns […]