Tuesday’s Teaser: Talay Luang (2021)

I’ve already posted about Talay Luang or It All Begins at the Sea (2021) (which is such a generic name, I’m gonna keep calling it Talay Luang. But this time, the teaser is out and we have an airing date, January 26, 2021. This Channel 7 lakorn stars Mik Thongraya (Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai) and Sammy Cowell (Lhong Ngao Jun (2019). I like both actors and look forward to this pairing. I think Thippy and Muse will be English subbing this lakorn.

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Synopsis: A strange man with amnesia appears on an island; there he meets Moya, begins to fall in love and starts building her an island resort. Against the warnings of her best friend, Moya starts to fall in love with him too. However just as their love blooms, a pregnant woman arrives claiming the man is her husband. She takes him back. So Moya tries to forget him, but he returns with memories intact as a player. (Source:thaidramatic_update)

(Courtesy: mydramalist.com)

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