Tuesday’s Teaser: Rahut Rissaya (2020)

I already talked about Rahut Rissaya (2020) in a previous post, but now we’ve got some teasers and an airing date and I’m still excited!!! Pinkploy Chansamorn (Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang) stars as the scheming nang’ek out for revenge and Artit (Bank) Tangwiboonpanit (Panthakan Rak) is the pra’ek whom the nang’ek plots against. This is a remake of a 2007 drama and hopefully they’ll keep the forced marriage theme. The lakorn airs Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and I’m hoping it will be English subbed.

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Synopsis: When the heiress of a billionaire family lost everything including her parents who got murdered…lost all the properties to her aunt and her daughter. Her revenge starts with a businessman who is a fiancé of her aunt’s daughter, as he becomes a chess piece in her game. She uses a confidential document that shows his father’s bad deed as a way to force/pressure him. But their closeness turns to love. Before she starts to see the value in his love and to learn how to forgive, everything is almost too late. (Source: Choi’s_(MY) at MyDramaList)

(Source: mydramalist.com) 
Source: Channel 7’s yt

I watched the the 2007 version of Rahut Rissaya and it remains one of my top ten lakorns to this date. (You can watch it from here.) The heroine was one of the baddest I’ve ever seen in lakorns as she was calculating, cool and focused on her revenge. The hero or pra’ek was overall sweet and attracted despite himself. Both he and the heroine went back and forth in that drama, it was awesome. He tied her up, she tied him up, etc. I hope that they don’t get rid of that back and forth, she was more than his equal in that lakorn. The nang’ek or heroine in that version blackmailed the hero (pra’ek) into marrying her because she needed to be close to his family to get more evidence on who killed her parents.

I’m hoping that they continue to have the forced marriage theme here (although it’s usually the other way around, this time it was the girl forcing the guy into marriage, 😂.) There was rape in the 2007 version which they could easily do without though this time around. Definitely will be watching this one!

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki