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Director Aew Ampaiporn is responsible for many of the best lakorns, Kleun Cheewit, Sawan Biang, Game Rai Game Rak so when I heard about her new lakorn, My Husband in Law (2020), it made me all the more anxious to watch it. Plus, it also stars Mark Prin and Mew Nittha in a marriage of convenience story, so what’s not to like?



My Husband in Law (2020): Muey is a young girl who lived with her mother, who has a very close friend. Muey also has a crush on Thien who is the son of her mother’s close friend. Although Muey loves him, Thien never seems to love Muey, instead, he always teases her, messes with her, and sometimes bullies her. Muey never got angry or responded to Thien when she got bullied because she loved him too much.

One day, Thien was forced to marry Muey just to get rid of the wife of a powerful man. As Thien never looked at Muey as his life partner, he was not really okay with the marriage. In addition, Thien wanted a perfect woman as his wife, but Muey was never perfect in his eye. Will Thien fall in love with Muey at the end? Will Muey be the perfect wife for him? (Source: Collin Hypercuz at MyDramaList)

Cast of Characters

Episode 1 Recap

Muey’s wedding outfit

We begin with a voiceover of our nang’ek Muey as she describes an incident when she is saved from being bullied by a boy whose face she doesn’t see. And now a quick peek at the beaming Muey (Mew Nittha)on her wedding day to Thien (Mark Prin), our pra’ek and her rescuer? But will Thien even show up to be married? This seems to be the main question on his family’s minds, as he goes off the last minute to the bathroom and doesn’t return for a while. His brother starts looking for him and Thien finally shows up, a reluctant groom. We see why as we flash back to two weeks ago.

Two weeks before the wedding, we see Thien with a woman named Yada in a heated embrace. They have a night together when the phone rings and Yada’s husband Pon-Det learns about their affair. Thien didn’t know she was married and basically says screw you to Yada and takes off to his home, where we see that Muey is there as a housekeeper?


Muey and Thien slip easily into a bickering conversation that seems to be their forte, as Muey manages to throw as many adoring looks at Thien as she can, while he seems oblivious to her adoration. We see another flashback to when a young Muey, high schooler maybe, meets the pra’ek and his family for the first time as his mother announces she will live with the two boys as their sister, and Thien’s like ‘What?!’, but mom persists.

Thien goes out to meet Yada again, and Muey sees he got a threatening message on his phone and follows him. Yada wants to continue their relationship and says she’s divorcing her hubby, who beats her (another flashback to Yada’s and Thien’s first meeting when she’s distraught and he saves her from stepping in front of a car), Thien sympathizes with her, but tells her he doesn’t want any problems. With that he leaves.

Thien is followed by Yada’s husband Pon-Det and a car chase ensues. Pon-Det manages to drive Thien’s car off into the water and drives off, but Muey arrives to save the day. His whole family visits Thien in the hospital, including an unwelcome vistor, Yada. Yada says she’s divorcing her husband, but Thien just says he has no feelings for her. Yada answers that he doesn’t have anyone, so Thien replies that he does have a fiancee, Muey. Pon-Det shows up then and implies the marriage better happen or else. Another eavesdropper was Thien’s mom, who tells him he must make the lie the truth to avoid being killed by Pon-Det, to save Muey’s reputation as well and to avoid facing other consequences as it appears Pon-Det is related to a well connected family.

Before: Our beautiful couple.
After: A smirking Thien after a storm disrupts the wedding.

So the marriage is on and we’re back in the present now as Thien reluctantly shows up to his wedding. Then things start going downhill, as the dog runs off with the ring, only to poop it out, and the rain and wind starts and we see Thien enjoying the chaos.

Wedding night sees an ecstatic Muey and a complacent Thien, where an argument over who gets the bed ends with Thien getting the bed, and Muey sleeping on the floor. Thien attempts to continue life as normal, but his mother basically leaves him no choice but to stay with Muay. At the end of the episode, we see the two moving in together and a little story about their pets, a cat for Thien and a dog for Muey.

My Take:

Really this is all Director Aew Ampaiporn‘s show right now. Aew’s has directed a number of romantic comedies before, Oum Ruk and Soot Sanaeha and there are a number of comic moments here handled with a deft touch, namely the wedding chaos scene.

Mew Nittha is sure to win hearts as the cheerful, optimistic Muey. Yes, it’s very much a stereotypical Mary Sue character, but in spite of that, I still can’t help but root for Muey. Muey tries to live in the present, and makes things easy for her love, but she also attempts to be close to him, tries to sleep with him and make them share the same room. In other words, she doesn’t seem as passive as some nang’eks are.

Thien, played by Mark Prin, isn’t supposed to be the villain of the piece, but he is smug, self adsorbed and it’s obvious that he’s due to get knocked off his pedestal, like so many other spoiled, entitled pra’eks. His view of Muey is skewed of course, he sees her as a nuisance, and not getting stressed over things. But Muey is in the perfect position to start getting stressed over things, as she is closer then ever to the one she loves, yet must still stay away from him.

Good start to the series, and I can’t wait to watch more.



  1. This lakorn definitely gave me the same vibes from the lakorns with Anne and Ken! Your mention of director Aew Ampaiporn totally makes sense to me now.


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