What’s Next – Chun Cheu Bussaba?

Another kdrama remake is coming to lakornland, Chun Cheu Bussaba (2020) is a remake of the ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’. It stars Bee Namthip (Aruna 2019) and Film Thanapat (Mia 2018) of a 2000 lakorn with the same name. We have a new pairing here, Weir Sukollawat and Mookda Narinrak. This is a GMM One lakorn, so hopefully it should be English subbed. With the coronavirus, no word yet on when we’ll see this lakorn.

Chun Cheu Bussaba (2020)

Synopsis from original kdrama: Kim Sam Soon is a baker who has a talent in making pastries and cakes. On Christmas Eve, she caught her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo, cheating on her and breaks up. On that same night, she accidentally went into the men’s restroom and met Hyun Jin Hun. By sheer coincidence, Jin Hun needs a baker for his restaurant Bon Appetit and Sam Soon is unemployed. Sam Soon is hired as the restaurant’s chief baker and the two fight like cat and dog

(Source: mydramalist.com)

Bee Namthip and Film Thanapat were both in Mia 2018 and Aruna 2019. In Chun Cheu Bussaba (2020), the pair have an older woman, younger man relationship. In the original, the heroine was considered plump, in this remake she will be plain. This is just one of many remakes that are in the progress right now.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki