First Impression – Tawan Arb Dao

I’ve been working towards my April watching goal I listed here to watch more lakorns. I’ve been watching Japanese doramas mainly because they’re shorter and I’m finding my attention span is shot for the most part. But I have watched 3 episodes so far of Tawan Arb Dao (2020) that Thippy is subbing. Thank you Thippy! Here’s my thoughts on it.


Tawan Arb Dao (2020) started airing on Channel 7 on March 26 and currently airs two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday.


Tawan Arb Dao (2020): Siwakorn disguises himself as Siwath, his twin brother in order to investigate his death. He tries to avoid sleeping with Chorprae who is Siwath’s lover and meets Daopradub, Chorprae’s daughter who was called out from abroad to help with the family’s company. (Source: MyDramaList)

Cast of Characters

Our main couple. Kem Hussawee who plays twins, Siwakorn, Siwath. Thisa Varitthisa plays Daopradub

In episode 1, we are introduced to the characters, with the main couple meeting in a battlezone. Our pra-ek Siwath is a reporter who happens to save the nang-ek from gangsters when he covers a story about gangs. They meet again in Thailand as Dao returns from school overseas, a very common trope.

Yui Chiranan is Chorprae – married to Daopradub’s adopted father and Daopradub’s aunt (and rival)

There’s an award ceremony going on for Chorprae that Dao interrupts and we can see there is no love lost between the two though they are aunt and niece. But Dao definitely loves her adopted Dad, who was married to Dao’s mom before her death. Dao hears of a rumor that Chorprae has a lover and starts investigating who it is around the company her dad owns.

There are other characters, most of them are servants of Dad, and we also have another relative of Dad who works at company, but these are the main characters for these episodes.

Meanwhile, we see the pra’ek has amnesia, but… not really. We learn this early on, Siwakorn got to Thailand in time to see his brother die and he pretends to be him, saying he was in accident and has amnesia as a result. He’s determined to find out the truth about his brother’s death and starts at the company EVERYONE in this lakorn seems to work at, lol.

In ep 3, there is a big welcome home party for Dao, which Siwath uses as an opportunity to spy more at the company his brother worked at. The nang’ek works there too now and of course she finds out Siwath is the rumored lover of Chor and sparks fly between the two. Siwakorn learns from Chor the real relationship between her and Siwath.

my take

Tawan Arb Dao is mildly entertaining, but nothing special. The characters follow the usual formula, with one exception, the main villain of the piece, or is she? Chorprae. Chorprae is easily the most complex character of the lakorn, she openly shows her disdain for her husband, but her acting avoids much of the standard nostrils flailing stereotypes of most ‘rai characters. Yui Chiranan endues her acting with enough vulnerability that makes me wonder who the the real villain is, her or her bratty niece Dao who always tries to show her up.

Apart from her, the most intriguing part of the lakorn is the mystery of Siwat’s death, who’s behind it, but there are also other things I want to know. Why is Dao’s dad in a wheelchair, what happened to him and Chor, and why is it poor people are often such caricatures?

Which leads me to my main critique. The writing is very pedestrian in most instances, and that was shown in cringe worthy detail in one scene. The nang’ek is sent by Chor to handle workers who are protesting and demanding a wage. What follows is a scene sooo awesome in its awfulness, its tone deafness and complete lack of empathy for the working poor that, well, I’m gonna be writing more about. What I want to say is way too long.

In conclusion, the mysteries in the story may drive you to watch further, but I’m doubtful whether I shall bother.



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