What’s Next – Praomook?

There are a lot more adaptations from new books these days in lakornland, and I’m loving it. More novel adaptations means more new material and less remakes, so yeah! Praomook (2020). This Channel 3 lakorn is another forced marriage lakorn, complete with numerous misunderstandings. 😁

Pon Nawasch and Bua Nalinthip already showcased their chemistry in 2018’s hit Tra Barb See Chompoo, so I’m sure fans will be waiting anxiously to see the magic happen a 2nd time.

Synopsis: Praomook works at a nightclub to earn money and pay a debt. She doesn’t get along with Chalunthorn because he misunderstood her, thinking she’s a bad girl. One day, his parents ask Praomook to marry Chalunthorn to remove the bad luck from him. She accepts the proposal just to get back at him. He pretends to be gay to avoid her but she doesn’t believe it. They will eventually start falling for each other, but there are obstructions to their love. Treenutch, Chalunthorn’s ex wants revenge while trying to get Chalunthorn back. There’s also Maithong, rival of Praomook’s family and Chalunthorn’s fling.

(Source: mydramalist.com)

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