Since a lot of people are indoors due to coronavirus, I thought it would be nice to go over once again, where to watch lakorns, instead of my usual Monday post. So where to watch?

Thaidramatic updates had a great Instagram post on what different Thailand channels do with their content. (They’re a good source of info on lakorns as well, you can find them here.)

Source: thaidramatic_update’s ig


As you can see from picture up above, with the exception of Channel 7 😕, most of channels put their lakorns on youtube unsubbed after airing. Right now, only GMMTV is putting English subtitles on some of their lakorns. Other channels like Channel 3 and ONEHD allow the users to add subtitles to their videos, so some could be subbed by the public.

Youtube is also a good resource to find older lakorns, but it’s really not worth it to try putting newer lakorns on, they’ll only be taken down.

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As far as I know, Netflix is the only place outside of official youtube channels to provide lakorns with English subtitles. I wrote more about Netflix and Youtube here.


Fansubbers have played a huge part in subbing lakorns. I’ve already gone into a lot of detail here.

further resources

I have lists of on air lakorns that are being subbed here. Another list for lakorns that have already been completely English subbed here. Lakorn galaxy also keeps viewers updated on English subbing of lakorns at their site too. Enjoy!

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