What about Aum Atichart?

We’ve looked at Chompoo Araya and Aff Takasorn. Now let’s take a look at Aff’s co-star in Jam Loey Rak (2008), Aum Atichart. Of all the males nearing forty or more in lakornland, I feel Aum’s career after growing older is one of the most interesting ones.

Please note: Speculation and gossip is a big no-no with me. So I’m just going to stick to the facts.

Aum Atichart Chumnanon was born on February 20, 1981. He still works in lakorns, and from 1997 to 2020, has starred in over 40 lakorns! He’s starred in everything from period lakorns like Lady Yaowarat, horror lakorns such as 2005’s Nang Barb and he worked with Cherry Khemapsorn in 2005’s Dao Lhong Fah (2005). But most fans probably found out about him from the mega popular slap and kiss, Jam Loey Rak with Aff Takasorn. Aum would go on to star in what was most likely one of his most challenging roles, Borisut Bumbut Kaen (2009).

In Borisut Bumbut Kaen, Aum plays a man with a hideous face and a weak grasp on his sanity after a horrific car accident. Aum went on to star in many other lakorns, historicals such as Khun Seuk (2012) and Plerng Chimplee, reunions with Aff in Namtan Mai (2009), and Roy Mai, Plerng Chimplee and slap and kiss lakorn Raeng Tawan. He married Nat Myria in 2014.

In 2018, Aum began to start stepping away from the traditional male leads roles where he is the romantic love interest of the main female character. Nueng Dao Fah Diew (2018) saw Aum playing third fiddle to the main couple of Taew Natapohn and James Jirayu. He also played the God of Death in Ngao (2018). He has other lakorns lined up, but I’m glad to see him taking on roles other than that of the pra’ek and instead looking to more challenging roles. I only wished older women had more options as well, as the only roles outside of the typical mother, grandmother roles available to them seems to be older women to younger men roles 😕. Regardless, looking forward to Aum’s new chapter in his career!

Credit: atichart9’s ig
Credit: atichart9’s ig

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