What’s Next?

There seem to be a lot of tales involving snakes in Thailand, Nakee (2016) and its popular sequel Nakee 2 (2018). 2020’s Kiss of the Cobra or Jao Mae Asorapit (2020) is the latest tale about snakes coming from GMM which came out February 10, 2020.

Credit: one_zone_ ig
Credit: Channel 3 yt

Jao Mae Asorapit stars Vill Wannarot and Bright Norraphat as the main leads. Someone on asianfuse remarked this looked similar to Pitsawat and I had to take a closer look at it.

Credit: kate sonthichai’s ig

There are definitely similarities. From what I can tell, in the story Vill is out for revenge and there is a past and present life going on, just like in Pitsawat where the nang’ek and pra’ek meet. There’s also a gal in the pra’ek’s present life, that too reminds me of Pitsawat. That’s all I know about the story now, but this is being subbed by Muse, so look out for it!


Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

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