Music Monday

There’s no particular theme this week, although I do want to talk about some of my favorite actors and actresses. I also want to talk more about workplace dramas and the lack of them in lakornland except there’s not much to say. Japan has lots of workplace doramas, and Korea also has their fair share, but not Thailand. Even when there is a workplace drama, it’s more a workplace romance then a drama showcasing the work environment and the people there and their relationships to each other. Today I picked a mv because I really liked how it was made, although I’ve haven’t seen Ab Ruk Online (2015)😁.

Credit: emma’s yt channel

Ab Ruk Online (2015) Awatsaya is a beautiful boss with bright future. She is in her mid-30’s and expected to remain single, until she secretly falls in love with the new hired young man, Pranon. He’s the perfect man, who just got his heartbroken. He’s handsome, talented and kind. But she can’t allow her position and image to be impacted, so she uses an online chat program to court him. Their online relationship starts growing and going smoothly. Her secret love starts to get messy when Prippreaw, a rich and young woman who is in love with Pranon, pretends to be Pranon’s Ab Ruk. Also, she got a new handsome playful boss, Mr. Lipta. Lipta is a playful, handsome boss, who likes to tease her. Unknown to her, the handsome boss has a secret love toward her. Source: Viki