There are a number of popular Thailand words that are used in lakorn titles over and over again. How many titles do u know with ‘Ruk’ (which means love) in it? Well, another word I often look for in lakorn titles is ‘Jao Sao’, which means ‘bride’. Today we look at the top 3 lakorns with ‘Jao Sao’ in them. And yes, we are continuing our week’s theme of marriage. Why? Because I could. And to help others who love this genre as well find titles to watch.

1. Jao Sao Jum Yorm– Maysarin is a famous socialite who’s engaged to Sarut, but he left her on the day of the wedding. Kadethaen is a 30 year-old real estate businessman who’s waiting for Pinmanee, his bride at the reception of a luxury hotel, but he saw her escape the wedding with another man. Kade walked out to a party at the beach, where he met May, who was still in her wedding dress drinking alone. They started drinking together and people thought they were a couple, so they went along with it and he jokingly proposed to her. Afterwards, they went back to the hotel and spent the night together. In the morning, May regretted what happened and wants to forget about Kade, but he’s not going to give up on her. (Source: MyDramaList)

2. Jao Sao Chang Yon – Meena is a stubborn girl and a talented auto mechanic. Phuphat is the heir of a company engaged in the production of auto parts. His father arranges a marriage between Phuphat and Meena, in hopes she will be able to heal his heart that was hurt in the past and return his interest in life. Everything seems to be going well, but suddenly his ex returns and Phuphat’s younger brother begins to show interest in Meena. (Source: MyDramaList)

3. Jao Sao Ban Rai (2006). After her parent’s death,Pimpika (Namfon P) goes to live with her grandfather and her brother (Ravy) in the countryside and met Saran (Por T), the lord of this place.Unfortunately, her grand father died and Ravy sold her to a rich man Tynamay who wants to own her. Credit to

Other English subbed lakorns starting with Jao Sao: 1. Jao Sao Rim Tang 2. Jao Sao Salatan 3. Jao Sao Prissana 4. Jao Sao Chapor Kit 5. Jao Sao Gae Kat (being subbed now) 6. Kor Pen Jaosao Suk Krung Hai Cheun Jai 

What are your top 3?