What’s Next?

Nee Kiattiyot or Nee Giet Ti Yoht stars Maggi Apa and Oath Ratthee. Apparently, it’s a remake of a 2004 lakorn, Yod Nam Nai Tawan. There’s revenge, marriage, bankruptcy, suicide and lots more drama afoot in this lakorn. Neko has it on her subbing list, so hopefully it will be good!

Nee Kiattiyot (2020) – Nek is a nurse and have fiancé who’s a doctor. P’ek/nek know each other since teenagers and p’ek is in love with n’ek for a long time he see her like a princess because she’s nice to him see him as a friend even though they are in different society class. Later his dad backstab her dad and he kill himself and she went bankrupt. So p’ek goes after to help nek to pay back for his dad’s faults. he hire n’ek to be his dad’s nurse. after n’ek know the truth of her dad’s death she wants to get back at p’ek’s dad and get her money back so to make her mom and sister life better so she pursue p’ek knowing that it’ll work because he likes her and they get marry, even though p’ek knows the real reason why she marry him but he’s willing to give her back everything she wants because he feel he owe it to her to give back her dignity. I feel sorry for both n’ek and p’ek in here. After they are marry it’s a bit slap/kiss because p’ek gets jealous when see nek with her ex-bf.

(Credit: Teedee17 @asianfuse.net)

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

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