Music Monday

Happy New Year!!! I’ve spent a lot of time going back over the lakorns of 2019 the last few weeks, so I’m going to start looking more to 2020 this week. Lots of previews and such. But I will also be talking about what I watched this year, what I dropped and so on this week.

For now, one of the first lakorn releases of this year was a historical lakorn, Wimarn Montra (2020). It aired on January 4 on Channel 7 and here is an ost from it. It looks to be a reincarnation lakorn with past and present themes and lots of angst and tragedy. No idea if this will be subbed or not. Enjoy!

Credit: Hormone official yt

Wimarn Montra (2020) synopsis: “There’s a past at this house, there’s death at this house, waiting will be over at this house.” She try to beat her rival because of being betrayed by her lover, decide to spell his spirit to be with her. She use a blood from innocent girl to live as immortal. Waiting for new perfect body of her lover. (Source: thaidramatic_update)