Tuesday’s Teaser

In Talay Prae (2020), we have lots of drama, a playboy married to a nice girl, but nice girls grow up and change. Hehe. Sounds good to me. The lakorn airs January 11, but it doesn’t look like it’s on anyone’s future projects list. I think someone will sub it, fingers crossed. 😰

Looks like we have a newbie for the nang’ek, Fah Yongwaree, but
New Wongsakorn
and Katreeya English are definitely no newbies as the other main stars. This is a remake of a 1997 lakorn of the same name.

Talay Prae (2020) Synopsis: Thaet is a beautiful and humble girl. After finishing her studies, she receives a marriage proposal from her mother’s family rich friend. But soon it becomes clear that the behavior of her future husband is of great concern. The creeping doubt was quickly dispelled and the wedding took place. Only after the wedding, she realizes that nothing changed for her husband, and she is doomed to loneliness, neglect, and scandals. Will Thaet find the strength to break this burdensome relationship or will she accept this fate?
(Source: MyDramaList)

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