2019 Lakorns: Music Monday

For the last Music Monday of 2019, I wanted to look back again at the major musical lakorns that aired this year. And I had several posts this year that went into more details about the music in lakorns, see this post and this one here. Next year, I hope to look for more diversity of musical genres and feature them here.

I already discussed the music of Weir Sukollawat‘s lakorn, Poo Bao Indy Yayee Inter (2019) in some depth here, but in Yodrak Nakrob (2019), Weir plays an Isan singer and you can watch him perform in the clip!

Siang Euan Sateuan Dao (2019) hasn’t been subbed, but it was another lakorn about a girl hoping to be a singer. I thought the song above was quite lovely and calming at the same time.

Another lakorn that aired this year is Sao Noi Roy Lan View (2019), about a young girl who wants to be a singer and becomes an Internet idol.

I thought this mv from Pleng Ruk Pleng Bpeun (2019) was interesting. There’s a rap in it, and look at the colorful outfits everyone is wearing.

Other musical lakorns: Dok Kun Sieng Kaen (2019) – Toomtam Yuthana was in it, but little info otherwise. MV

Luk Krung (2019) About a ballad singer, it surely has singing in it. You can see a mv here.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki