Tuesday’s Teaser

Another superhero lakorn and right after we had Insee Daeng. Yeah, I remember talking about how rare they are, and they had to prove me wrong. Si Thep Poo Pitak is going to be on GMM One airing on December 10, 2019, so it may be subbed on their channel!

Synopsis: Ever since the Vietnam War, the USA sent their troops in to be stationed in Thailand. The drug named “heroin” becomes known all over the world with Thailand as the main producer and export. Outlaws start to rise and it becomes a drug selling ring across countries that has power above right in the country. Dealing with these outlaws is difficult when the law is unable to punish them. 4 anonymous heroes, Din, Narm, Lorm, and Fai (Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire) become the headmen to gathering the villagers to go against the outlaws and they don’t want much except for the peace of the country. (Source: mydramalist.com)

This lakorn is a remake based on Din Nam Lom Fai (2009). Lots of special effects here, lots. Hopefully they have a solid story and acting to make up for them. 😏

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki