Music Monday

Week 13 of the blog, the focus will be on action, so Morrasoom Sawat (2015) seemed appropriate. And it also stars Weir Sukollawat, whose lakorn Yodrak Nakrob (2019) is airing now. This was subbed by Ninjakkn I believe.

Credit: Sandra Sky’s yt channel

Morrasoom Sawat (2015) synopsis:

Sayumphu is a CEO who comes from gangster background, but wants to turn away from his past and rebuild his life. He meets and falls in love with Kwang, an innocent student, but they are separated due to misunderstandings.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Does the music sound familiar? Well, if you’re a BTS fan, it should. It’s actually a Russian cover of the BTS song “The Untold Truth.” I thought the Russian version was interesting and I liked the way the whole mv was put together.