Sapai Import (2019)

I’m getting a jumpstart on 2020 with this post, but I couldn’t help it after seeing Mik and Min in their photoshoot for the 2020 Channel 7 calendar. (Available here for download).

Credit: Channel 7

Mik Thongraya and Min Peechaya are dueling opposites in Sapai Import (2019). The lakorn is looks to be set in the countryside and lots of comedy in the teaser, with a pinch of romance near the end.

Synopsis: None yet, but it looks like Min is a spoiled brat who goes to the countryside and Mik is a farm boy, or rancher or something who’s in charge of her.


This looks like very familiar territory. There are a number of lakorns that have a similar premise of spoiled rich girl comes to the countryside. Min and Mik are a beautiful couple of course, but we’ll have to see if the storyline provides anything refreshing and new. Muse will be subbing this.

Credit: minnieclub’s ig