So this week, we’re looking at Thailand remakes of foreign dramas/movies. There’s been a lot. But the top three I recommend?

Kiss Me

1. KISS ME – remake of Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss, makes almost all the right decisions in this lakorn about what scenes to keep and what to leave out. Wished more dramas would do so. And it’s perfectly cast with the chemistry of Mike Angelo and Aom Sushar leading the way. Like any good drama, there are some scenes that aren’t in the original that are pure magic, like the back hug, and kisses. I think Thailand does remakes best when they keep the best of a drama, and then add their own details.

Full House

2. Full House (2014) was a remake of a well-known Korean drama. It was one of my first dramas I’ve watched and the nostalgia is real. But, Full House wasn’t a very good drama, really. The heroine was just plain stupid at times, the plot emptiness filled with scenes of cooking, cleaning (and more cooking, cleaning), the ‘romance’ was overly chaste and complicated by the hero’s infatuation for another woman most of the drama. Thankfully, Full House Thai solves most of the these characters by having the heroine (played by Aom Sushar) be bubbly and sweet enough to make you forgive her shortcomings. Of course, the chemistry between Aom and Mike Angelo, our hero, is there and the overall look of the drama, the blue filtered ambiance of the lakorn makes it more fluffy and cheerful then the original.

You’re My Destiny

3. Last, but not least, You’re My Destiny. A remake of a popular Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You, Bie Sukrit and Esther Supreeleela are a more realistic and likable couple then in other versions (like the Korean one). This lakorn seems to follow the Korean version of the drama at times rather then the original one and I have some serious caveats about the way they choose to show various plot points. Still, this was an enjoyable remake with a sweet, more than passionate, romance.

What are your top 3?



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